IOTA Tip Bot is going live!!!

You saw some awesome banter on Telegram. Feel like donating without wasting on tx fees? Meet the self-explanatory "IOTATipBot" — simple, fast and free. This is your all-in-one wish come true   σ`∀´)σ

Installation guide

Name of the bot:  @iotamoon_bot

Once the setup is finished, try it out in IOTA凸了木 chatroom~~


Someone just tipped me, what happens if I have not registered with IOTA TipBot?

No worries! The moment you receive a tip, you are automatically registered. Go get your money from the TipBot!

Are whole numbers required when I tip?

You can send tips as long as they are ≧ 1 Mi, no other restrictions.

Can I make a tip that is less than 1 Mi?

No! To prevent dust attacks, addresses with sub 1 Mi balances are not allowed. (This is temporary, the restriction will be lifted in IOTA 2.0)

I have more than 1 Mi in my wallet. Why I still cannot send a tip?

Do the math, if your remainder balance shall fall between 0~1 Mi after tipping, it cannot be done! Refer to the example below.

If the TipBot quits working, can I get my money back?

Yes you can. Enter "$mnemonic" to get your 24-word mnemonic phrase. Use it to restore the wallet on Firefly.

Can I put all my net worth here?

You are strongly advised NOT to  = =

This is just a bot for tipping convenience, not your security guard. Keep your major funds safe with Firefly wallet.

Is the TipBot decentralized?

No, it is not. An enthusiastic IOTA whale assembled his own node and created IOTA TipBot. It is similar to a custody service.

If it's not decentralized, will my funds get rug pulled?

Nope... since he's already a whale... stealing your little money is a waste of time  = =

List of commands

  • $register  /  Register a wallet address for IOTA TipBot 
  • $address  /  Show your address 
  • $balance  /  Show your balance 
  • $price  /  Check IOTA's current price 
  • $mnemonic  /  Reveal the mnemonic phrase of your wallet 
  • $withdraw[space]address[space]amount /  Send funds to specified address 
  • $tip[space]@username[space]amount / Tip the specified user 
  • (When replying a message) $tip[space]amount / Tip the user to whom you are replying, also registers first time recipients. 
  • Easter egg commands / ?   

English translations by Henry Song (宋允光).



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